Read fitness testimonials of what others are saying about SanFit Training and the fitness counseling they received to reach their fitness goals in both physical improvement and weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Goals Reached – Testimonials

I lost 60 pounds and gained my self esteem back with the help of Laura McGowan at SanFit training. The task seemed overwhelming at first, but Laura helped me stay focused on attainable goals. And in no time I was able to see changes. She taught me to exercise purposefully- to think about what and how I am doing it, always emphasizing safety. Laura also coached me on good eating habits and educated me on the the types of foods that would fuel and shape me to be the best version of myself. I thought I knew all I needed to know about healthy eating, and what not to eat, but I really learned a lot about food with her.

Working with Laura every week helped shape my figure and my attitude! As a result I gained confidence to do anything I set my mind to, and I gained pride in myself again. I found Laura to be a great listener and positive coach not only for physical training but mental training as well. She was always encouraging and pushed me to reach goals I never thought possible. I am forever grateful to her for all she has given me. I would highly recommend her as a trainer. If you’re ready to live better and be the best version of you, call Laura!


Physical Gains Reached – Testimonials

Laura at SanFit is the best. I began working with her after seeing the huge positives gains my wife got from working with her. I was an add-on to her twice weekly workouts. Eventually she goaded me into a goal to work toward. This directed my training to specific movements and flexibilities. I needed to learn how to climb a rope, do endless burpees, and develop great core strength. Laura’s workouts were well thought out and varied each time. The gains came and stayed. She never stopped learning about her work. Knows how to use diet to fit your goals, became a yogi because of the broad benefits of yoga to health, understands enough physiology of exercise to know why something works, and pulls workouts from a variety of disciplines…all to
make your goals closer. Maybe the best thing about Laura is her unfailingly positive demeanor
early in the morning and her understated but always there encouragement and cheerleading.

-Ian Wainwright