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This is the perfect amount of time to begin to change your body’s metabolism from fat-storing to fat-burning.

Together we’ll track your progress through this 4 week journey, discovering the combination of exercise and diet that works for you. We start with an assessment to determine the most successful way to wight loss that you can sustain while you reach your goal.

Here’s what you get:

  • Initial fitness assessment.
  • 3 workouts per week with Laura. We’ll use a combination of strength circuits and interval cardio training.
  • 1 weight loss and nutrition session per week. We’ll refine your meal plan so you get delicious nutrition while you’re losing weight.
  • Plan forward so the changes you’ve made stay with you for life.
  • Personalized workout plans for you to keep.
  • Personalized diet plan based on your body type and lifestyle.
  • A total of 18 one-on-one sessions.

Lose weight, 1-3 pounds per week

  • Get into great shape 

Make the commitment to change your life

Program Cost: $1170

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