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SanFit Fitness Training Work’s And Here’s Why!

Your fitness, weight loss and health goals can all be realized with the right strategies. Sanfit Training uses two key strategies to get results: planning that includes both long term and short term goals, and forming a partnership with you and your personal fitness trainer to execute the fitness plan.


People who set goals and follow a fitness plan are proven 50% more successful. Without a plan, the same goal may be thought of for years without ever getting accomplished.

Whether it’s Weight Loss, Body Sculpting, Nutrition, Balance and Flexibility or Sport Conditioning, Sanfit Training will put together a customized plan just for you with specific timelines.

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Fitness and Nutrition That Makes Sense

The First Step Is Easy! Here It Is…

As with any endeavor to change, you need to determine your starting point. Sanfit will conduct an initial assessment of your fitness level and body composition, then we will develop a personal plan  that incorporates exercise, dietary strategies and lifestyle modifications that will guide you on a path to best reach your goals. Call or email and let’s set up a consultation.


Discover Your Matrix

Sanfit Training integrates different aspects of fitness into your specific Matrix.  For instance, if you want great muscle definition and a long, lean look, together we formulate a focused resistance training plan and a nutrient rich, satisfying diet. If weight loss is your primary goal, together we work to achieve a delicious and satisfying eating plan that will rev up your metabolism resulting in desired fat loss.

If you live for golf we work on aspects that will compliment your game such as rotational power and flexibility. You get the picture. With all Sanfit workouts we integrate nutrition because there is a positive correlation between how well you eat and how well you perform.

Sanfit Training’s part in your Matrix is to get your body lean and strong, not just for looks but to be able to move well and feel great.

Laura McGowan | Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

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