How Do We Get Fit And Stay Fit?

Sanfit Training’s 5 Aspects of a Successful Workout Regimen

  • MOBILITY- making sure joints and muscles work properly together to support movement.
  • STRENGTH- using resistance training to build size, strength and endurance of skeletal muscle.
  • CARDIOVASCULAR- combo of steady state and interval training to improve the efficiency and overall health of your heart.
  • AGILITY- improve balance, control and flexibility of the body while moving in any direction.
  • NUTRITION- the link that makes it all work! The way you fuel your body directly affects the results of your workout.

Sanfit Training incorporates all aspects of fitness in your workout plan.

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…SanFit Training Will Help You Get Back on Track

  • Lose Weight…with delicious, real food nutrition
  • Gain Strength…with state-of-the-art exercise regimen
  • Revitalize…with a plan that works

Your Fitness, Weight Loss and Health Goals Can All Be Realized!

SanFit Training uses two key strategies to get results: planning that includes both long term and short term goals, and forming a partnership to execute the plan.

A PLAN MATTERS! People who set goals and follow a plan are proven 50% more successful. Without a plan, the same goal may be thought of for years without ever getting accomplished.

Whether it’s Weight Loss, Body Sculpting, or a Bucket List accomplishment, SanFit Training will put together a customized plan just for you with specific timelines.

If you take it seriously, you’ll get serious results!

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Discover Your Matrix

In math, a matrix is a grid that holds items together. At SanFit Training, we use the term Matrix as your collection of exercise, diet and lifestyle that determine your health and fitness

What you put in your Matrix is critical to achieving any goal.

A good example are modern athletes. They no longer just practice their specific sport, they cross-train, optimize their diet, meditate and get plenty of rest in order to reach their potential.

The same principle applies to all of us.

Sanfit Training brings an integrated approach fitness program and weight loss plan. We will help you establish your Matrix that will lead to your success.

Laura McGowan | Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

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