#1 Total Fitness*

Goal: change your body composition                                                           

If you want to lose weight, get lean and show muscle definition in your arms, abs and legs, this is the program for you. At any age! The combination of losing fat and gaining muscle is carefully assessed and evaluated. Programs and nutrition continue to be adjusted as your body changes. The program consists of:

  • 3 scheduled workouts per week. These will include a combination of weight lifting, balance, agility and cardio conditioning
  • 1 nutritional consultation per week. This is where you'll learn the importance of nutrition if you want to change your body. The process provides you with an understanding of the best nutrition for your body type, tastes and goals. It ends with the ultimate understanding of how to maintain for life.
  • 1 month includes body composition assessment and re-assessment, 12 hour-long workouts, 4 nutritional counseling sessions plus a whole bunch of knowledge you'll have forever!  

Result: Lean, Strong and Fit. You'll feel fantastic! You'll look fantastic!                               $900.00 (best value)

*Program requires the use of My FItness Pal which is free to download. (The app is great for Iphone, Ipad and Android)  Sanfit will give you a $50 gift card to upgrade to My Fitness Pal "Premium" for 1 year.                    


Contact me, e-mail: sanfitlaura@gmail.com Telephone: 239 464 7876