Sanfit Nutrition and Conditioning Programs

Sanfit Training's programs are sold in 4 week increments for measurable results. They are based on individual goals which are achieved through mutual commitment. All programs start with a free consultation, fitness evaluation and discussion on the plan forward.

#1 Total Fitness*

Goal: change your body composition                                                           

If you want to lose weight, get lean and show muscle definition in your arms, abs and legs, this is the program for you. At any age! The combination of losing fat and gaining... Read more

#2 Healthy Weight Management*

Goal: To reach a healthy weight through education, behavior modification, accountability and support.


  • 2 scheduled sessions per week. These are used for reviewing journal and discussion on the particular changes we agree on.
  • This program will
  • ... Read more

#3 Ongoing Training*

Goal: To continue training in order to maintain peek performance and conditioning.

This training package continues one-on-one training in order to continue peak fitness. If your goal is to gain or maintain strength, agility, balance and flexibility you must remain... Read more

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